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Dr. Sheh’s seminar and speaking ministry has taken him to different parts of the world.


In February 2019, Dr. Sheh traveled to Central Wisconsin to speak on Pure at Heart: Raising Healthy Families in a Sexualized World at the Parent’s Summit,, at Woodlands Church in Plover, Wisconsin. Dr. Sheh’s message was simulcasted to 33 churches in 18 States across U.S.A., including three churches in Canada. Dr. Sheh’s message was very well received by the Parent’s Summit audience. One Canadian parent who saw the simulcast in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan wrote: “I really appreciated the content of your chat, how effectively you spoke, and that you are boldly speaking out, with humor, on a topic that many people would prefer to just ignore. Thank you for the work you do, it was a pleasure listening to you today!”




In January 2019, Dr. Sheh traveled to Mexico City to speak at Union Evangelical Church. Dr. Sheh conducted two Saturday morning marriage seminars on (1) Healthy Partner – Healthy Marriage: Resiliency and Anger Management and (2) Healthy Partner – Healthy Marriage: Compassion and Emotional Connection. On Sunday morning worship service, Dr. Sheh spoke on Shame & Respect – A Story on Encountering Jesus. Dr. Sheh’s messages were very well received by the congregation at Union Evangelical Church.




In September 2014, Dr. Sheh traveled to Durban, South Africa to present a Pure at Heart seminar with  70 men at the Oasis Church in Amanzimtoti, a suburb of Durban. Pastor Gareth Bowley of Oasis Church wrote,”I believe your seminar was interesting, relevant, practical and helpful to those who came that night and have enjoyed since that time hearing young men talking about “neutralizing” in various settings clearly taking your message to heart and applying it. I felt your focus on the ‘shame’ dynamics at work in our society were very insightful and helpful for our ongoing ministry here.”

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In Fall 2012, Dr. Sheh travelled to Germany to do a Pure at Heart presentation to over 30 men and women on staff with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) in Hurlach, Bavaria Germany. Dr. Sheh delivered the Pure at Heart message with German translation, and the seminar was well received.



In Winter 2011, Dr. Sheh travelled to Turkey to present a Pure at Heart seminar with Turkish men.

The host of the seminar reported on the following comments and feedback:

Around 55 men attended the first evening and around 45 the second. A show of hands revealed that around 20 were not married. Dr. Sheh gave a no-holds-barred presentation which was all the more powerful because in an honour and shame society, he was not afraid to pull down the masks and speak of his own vulnerabilities. His challenge to us all was to be champions of purity in our homes and workplaces. The topic of keeping pure in an impure world is rarely dealt with in the churches in this country and yet it is a growing problem. Many who attended said how helpful they found it to be. “Great,” “Really helpful,” “We were given tools we could apply in our lives,” “Dr. Sheh, you changed my life,” was some of the feedback from seminar participants. Dr. Sheh did an excellent job and we are grateful for him sparing the time in the midst of a busy schedule. By God’s grace, many of us have a new confidence to face up to the temptations which come our way in this area.




In Winter 2010, Dr. Sheh travelled to the Arabian Peninsula to present a Healthy Self Care – Healthy Ministry and a Pure at Heart seminar as well as provide member care counselling with international workers stationed in the Middle East. One international worker wrote, “Thanks again for your ministry to us all here at our field forum. Enjoyed the information given with great sense of humor. Needful talk and helped us to understand many situations with those we know, (and even ourselves).”




In Summer 2009, Dr. Sheh travelled to South East Asia to present a Pure at Heart seminar and provide member care counselling with international workers at a major conference. The feedback on the seminar was very positive. The conference Member Care Co-ordinator wrote, “Dr. Sheh’s presentation was consistently noted as a highlight of the Member Care Forum, and his help at IC was invaluable.”




In April 2009, Dr. Sheh visited Bangkok, a city of 12 millions. He focused his work with the Nightlight Design Company, located in the Nana neighborhood of Bangkok. The Nightlight Design Co. is a for-profit, jewelry design company operated by the Nightlight ministry, The Company presently employs 80 ex-prostitutes formerly working in the Nana Entertainment Plaza, a major Red Light District in Bangkok. The Nightlight women receive a fair monthly salary, benefits, and performance-based bonuses. They work 9-5 Monday to Friday. Each work day begins with morning worship and spitirual encouragement, and all employees attend English classes every work day. The women live independently and Nightlight provides childcare for their children while they are at work. Dr. Sheh interviewed 2 Nightlight employess listening to their stories of survival in the sex trade and the healthy changes they have seen so far working with Nightlight. Dr. Sheh shared a few words of encouragement with the Nightlight women on his last morning in Bangkok. He toured the Nana Red Light District with a Youth with a Mission worker who specializes in ministering to men who travel far from Europe, Australia, and North America looking for girls and sex in Bangkok. Dr. Sheh also visited Agape House, an orpahnage in Chiang Mai housing 75 HIV infected children ranging from 3 days old to teenagers.

The jewelry designed by Nightlight is of very high quality with fair and reasonable price. The jewelry is sold online at The employment of the Nightlight women is 100% dependent on the jewelry sales and business performances. If you have a heart for gender equality and women and children trapped in sexual exploitation, and you are looking for something special for yourself or someone, please visit the Nightlight online jewelry store, To have one less woman working on the street, we are doing something good for humanity.




In June 2008, Dr. Sheh was in Dublin, Ireland conducting a one-day Pure at Heart Men’s Seminar for the Irish churches at the Irish Bible Institute. There was a good turnout for the seminar and the feedback was highly positive. One attendee wrote, “The seminar was very good; great energy, very helpful, insightful, and Bible based. It broke down a lot of barrier in a very taboo topic in Ireland.” One man commented that the seminar was “open and honest – the fact that Dr. Sheh has, and does, go through this means that I feel it’s possible, and that I’m not alone.” Another man wrote, “Do not stop in Canada and Ireland, more men need to hear this.”




In January 2007, Dr. Sheh travelled to Penang, Malaysia to conduct self care seminars at a missionary conference and provide counselling services for international workers of the Christian & Missionary Alliance Canada serving in South East Asia.

After Penang, Dr. Sheh travelled to Indonesia Aceh, the Gate of Mecca and Islamic spiritual centre in Asia. Before the 2004 tsunami, Indonesia Aceh was closed to the West and the rest of Indonesia. The tsunami has opened the door for western foreigners to explore this fascinating region of Indonesia. Dr. Sheh visited a counselling centre and met with Indonesian relief workers to give support and encouragement.

“We were so pleased with the self care seminars presented by Dr. Simon Sheh. His knowledge, insights, teaching style, humour and willingness to be transparent won the trust and gratitude of our international workers who gathered in Malaysia for the Asian Spice conference. His willingness to meet individually with those who were interested was very much appreciated. A number of people reported that Dr. Sheh’s contribution to our leadership conference was the highlight for them.”

Judith Wiebe
Director of Member Care
Global Ministries, C&MA Canada