Dr. Sheh is the creator and publisher of Breakthroughs in Healing, a newsletter distributed to family physicians in the Edmonton medical community. Click on publication date to download a PDF version of the newsletter.

  • Spring 2009 – Download
    How to have a Healthy Dance on the Relationship Dance Floor
  • Spring 2008 – Download
    Healthy Partners, Healthy Marriage
  • Fall 2007 – Download
    How to Stop Pain in the Past from Destroying Your Life
  • Winter 2007 – Download
    Healthy Self-Care, Healthy Workplace
  • Winter 2006 – Download
    How to Stop Being a Control Freak in Your Relationships
  • Fall 2005 – Download
    How to Stop Problems with Sexual Intimacy from Destroying your Marriage
  • Spring 2005 – Download
    How to Stop Addiction to Pornography from Taking Control of Your Life
  • Winter 2005 – Download
    How to Stop Excessive Anger from Taking Control of Your Life
  • Fall 2004 – Download
    How to Stop Depression from Taking Control of Your Life
  • Spring 2004 – Download
    Extra-Marital Affair: Pathology & Prevention
  • Winter 2003 – Download
    Addiction to Pornography and Excessive Anger: Topics that Matter to Men’s Health
  • Spring/Summer 2003 – Download
    How Our Relationships Influence Our Physical and Mental Health
  • Winter 2002 – Download
    Physican and Psychologist are Best Partners in the Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress-Related Problems