Testimonials on the Pure At Heart Seminar

“Thanks again for coming to be with us this past weekend. Our men enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship, teaching, and ministry. I believe that God used you to stir up our hearts for purity. We especially appreciated your willingness to meet with men through the afternoon on a personal basis … You have a heart for men and bringing healing and equipping for purity to them. God is using you in this area already. I sense that you would love to see this ministry grow in the years ahead and I pray that it does.”


“Dr. Sheh’s ‘Pure at Heart’ seminar is biblically solid and therefore highly practical. He presented us with information that was essential to understanding the root of these issues, and gave us some tactile steps to standing in the face of temptation. We found Dr. Sheh to be a good communicator and did an excellent job of involving, in a non-threatening way, the men who attended the seminar. I would wholeheartedly recommend this seminar to any church and challenge churches to invite every man age 15 and older to attend.”

“Dr. Sheh dealt sensitively but openly about the struggles boys and men face in maintaining purity of heart and mind before the Lord. We appreciated his strong emphasis on living our lives for God’s glory. Dr. Sheh was particularly helpful in providing us all with tools, or techniques that we could practice in keeping our minds and our eyes focused on healthy targets, and helping us avoid succumbing to the sensual temptations that are rampant in our society.”


“Thank you for taking time away from your family and being part of our first Men of Influence Conference. Your presentation on Pure at Heart was great and challenging. Telling the men that this is a normal desire but that they can live in purity and victory was very encouraging to them. Thanks again Dr. Sheh and I look forward to another conference next year.”

“This February our church had the privilege of hosting Dr. Sheh’s ‘Pure at Heart’ Men’s Seminar. Dr. Sheh’s ministry is a vital resource to the body of Christ at this time. Our men were challenged, empowered, and liberated.”


“Personally I appreciated the “biblical” or “godliness” perspective. Having spent most of my life in a secular environment, this was helpful to see a biblical/sexual presentation.”

“Never let yourself believe your ministry and seminar is not important. This is so needed. But it took every ounce of courage I had to keep my car pointed in the right direction (from Edmonton).”


“I felt truly blessed. The small group was valuable. I feel like life I’ve experienced something that is all too rare for men.”

“I want to thank you again for your seminar which I and ten other men from my congregation attended at Beulah. Good teaching on the subject of sexual purity seems to be all too rare today. It can be a scary thing to talk about but it certainly is important and needed in our world and in our churches. I appreciated the material you presented very openly and honestly. Thank you.”


“Simon a lot of men believe that there is much confusion in men when it comes to sex and sexual purity. Some commented that this should be a topic that is taught on an ongoing basis. This quality of teaching on this and other men related issues is long over due in the Christian church.”

“Thank you for sharing yourself and your wisdom at the Men’s Retreat. Because of you, I believe God has challenged men to live at a higher level of sexual integrity, allowing them to be used by Him for His glory. Many men who attended will never be the same again, including myself.”


“I attended a previous seminar by Dr. Sheh and have returned today to reinforce the principles in the first session. I leave today with even deeper understanding of the driving force behind sexual weakness. He shares from the heart. I can identify with him and “trust” his sincere interest in our mutual welfare.”

“Excellent presentation. All teens and men should hear. Was exactly what I needed at this time in my walk through this struggle I have with sexual impurity. Keep presenting, I believe men want and need help but do not know where to turn. Finally these resources and help to beat this struggle so many men have.”


“We have had the privilege of hosting Dr. Sheh here in Calgary for both an address of the local ministerial and for his Pure at Heart Seminar here at our church. This seminar proved itself to be life changing for the men who attended. We have already booked Dr. Sheh for more seminars. If you are a church considering hosting Dr. Sheh, I strongly encourage you to do so. The topics addressed by Dr. Sheh are difficult and are not often addressed properly, if at all, within the Christian community. Dr. Sheh takes a strong biblical foundation and applies it to issues of sex and sexuality for men giving them tools for real life change.”

“I was actually turning on the computer to thank you so much for the life-changing seminar you conducted on Saturday. I have become a different person since then. To be honest I hated pornography…I knew that it was bad for my soul, mind and health. But why would I again and again reluctantly come back to it? It felt like pornography provided me something that nothing else could provide. Dr. Sheh’s seminar helped me find what that “something” was and how I could obtain it in a healthy manner. He also provided me with tried and true tools to fight off pornography from my life. He showed me how to build a good defense and to charge with a great offence. All in a warm, loving, confidential and brotherly manner. I look at women and especially my wife in a Godly way now. It is as though an elephant has been lifted off my shoulders and I can finally be productive. All of the negative energies are gone and I walk with a renewed confidence. And, best of all, my relationship with God has become more intimate because Him and I fought off the enemy together. I thank God for Dr. Sheh.”