“The beauty of this book is that it is concise but hightly effective. I want every man I counsel, to work through Pure at Heart.”

Kirk Durston, Director, New Scholars Society
Campus Crusade for Christ
Wallenstein, Ontario, Canada

“In too many Christian books about sexual purity, a man’s sexual wiring is too often demonized and vilified. Dr. Sheh, on the other hand, brings balance to this important topic. Along with that balance, he also brings some new strategies for dealing with sexual purity that is both psychologically and scripturally sound. I have no doubt that this material will make a significant impact on men struggling with this issue.”

Geof Cornelson, Director of Clergy Care
Focus on the Family
British Columbia, Canada


“Sexual purity is one of the most difficult areas to discuss in family life but Dr. Sheh’s book makes this subject accessible. His analysis and medical insights into pornography addiction gives us solid tools for freedom and healing. He helps us understand God’s best for sexuality and gives us a road map to get there ‚ I highly recommend this book.”

Lorna Dueck, Listen Up TV & Faith Commentary Writer
Ontario, Canada

“Dr. Simon Sheh delivers an extremely straight and forthright prescription for how to live a morally pure life. Contained in these pages, from Biblical perspective is information that can bring you freedom from pornography and sexual addictions. I recommend you read this manual thoroughly and honestly…it offers solutions that can change and heal you.”

Rev. Kenneth A. Solbrekken, Superintendent
The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada – Alberta District
Edmonton, Canada

“Pure at Heart is a welcome handbook on pursuing sexual purity. Dr. Sheh combines biblical principles with medical and psychological insights to show the destructiveness of pornography while at the same time offering practical strategies for redirecting sexual energy in a healthy direction. Written in a brisk, ‘point-form’ style, the handbook is quick to read, but, if applied with God’s help, can change your life for good!”

Dr. Ed Stuckey, Senior Pastor
Ellerslie Road Baptist Church
Edmonton, Canada

“In my experience Satan attempts to make Christian ineffective by firstly isolating them and then destroying them. For Christian men this is nowhere more true than in the area of sexual purity and pornography. In this book, Dr. Sheh addresses these issues openly and honestly, focusing on core issues, he then brings his wealth of experience to bear by providing a host of practical help with both prevention and cure. This book will therefore be of great assistance to anyone seeking to maintain sexual purity, or needing to recover from sexual addiction.”

Jacob Reynolds, Principal
Irish Bible Institute
Dublin, Ireland

“Dr. Sheh confronts sexual integrity head-on, offering a biblical approach to a relevant issue plaguing our world. This book, in study guide form, was of great benefit in my own marriage, as well as in ministry as a Youth Pastor mentoring young men. This is a must-have resource for every man, married or single, pursuing sexual purity in our perverse society.”

Ben Friesen, Youth Pastor
Illinois, U.S.A.